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The DrainSparrow adjusts our grounding capabilities to an ever-expanding list of ground points:


The DrainSparrow is designed to pair with nearly any diameter penetration, such as roof drains from 2"-14".  Its entire construction is designed to economically conduct electrical impulses with low impedance factors.


The DrainSparrow has a beveled edge to not cut the operators hands, yet is sharp enough to scrape rust from cast iron assembles for better grounding connections.


The DrainSparrow is how the technician grounds the transmitter battery. Attaching the negative lead to the alligator clip on this grounding rod.

DrainSparrow Grounding Rod

SKU: DS007-0500
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Make an easy connection to building ground on commercial roofs through the roofing drain.

    For use in new construction or investigations.