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How DigiSCAN 360° works

DigiSCAN 360° is a revolutionary leak detection 

instrument for roof systems, created to make roof scanning simple and easy.

The DigiSCAN 360° service includes a comprehensive roof and waterproofing scan using the latest in electrical integrity testing technology. DigiSCAN 360° uses electric field vector mapping techniques to determine the location of a leak. 

Using the DigiSCAN 360° handheld unit, even the smallest membrane breach can be located for repair in inverted roofs and waterproofing membranes. 

The DigiSCAN 360° handheld unit scans 360° in real-time to produce a vector arrow indicating the flow of electricity towards a leak. The operator utilizes the LCD display to scan in the direction of the arrows until the precise location of the penetration is identified.


The procedure is as follows:

  1. Place a guard cable around the area to be scanned, and connect to a rechargeable power source.

  2. Gently spray the test area with and even flow of water.

  3. Using the DigiSCAN 360° unit, follow the direction of the arrows towards membrane breaches, as displayed on the LCD screen.

The DigiSCAN 360° can be applied to most membrane surfaces including 2 ply SBS, liquid applied, and hot mop type roofing applications.  


See DigiSCAN 360° in action: 
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