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Cable Lasso Package

Cable Lasso Package

SKU: DS007-05303
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Establishes an electric field with the use of high strength, aviation grade type 304 & 306, stainless steel cable.


The CableLinx system is comprised of Lasso Cables Signal Cables, and DrainSparrow.

Carabineers and swage fittings connect the loops - basic, but highly effective.


A DigiScan 360° technician can arrive at a project site, quickly deploy the cable to the deck, scale the field being defined to suit the space available, while matching/observing the unique aspects of the space under review, to find deviations and leaks.


The linking system allows a single operator to pull dividing lines as needed based on the number of grounding or leak events detected

  • Product Information

    Cable lasso to charge up the light layer of water on the membrane surface for scanning.

    5 x Cable Lasso complete with cabinier - 30ft length each

    2 x Grounding Cables - 75ft length each

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