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DigiScan 360° Field Kit - No Training

DigiScan 360° Field Kit - No Training

SKU: DS-020-0100
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Everything you need to get started. Contents include:

DigiScan 360° unit, Digiscan 360° Transmitter / Power Supply Unit, Drain Sparrow Grounding Rod,  5 x Cable Lasso (30 ft each), Insulated Cable Transmitter Lead (75 ft), Hand Tool Kit, Technical Abstracts.

  • Complete Contents

    The Field Kit Contains:
    DigiScan 360° unit (Model 7c)
    Power Suppy Transmitter
    Drain Sparrow Grounding Rod

    5 - Cable Lasso (30 ft each)

    2 - Ground Test Cable (30ft each)

    Hand Tools Field Kit:  Wire Cutters, Multi-Meter

    DigiScan 360° Manual & Technical Abstract

  • DigiScan 360° Features


    • Digital interface displays the magnitude and direction of the leak.

    • Transflective backlit LCD screen allows operation in direct sunlight as well as complete darkness.

    • Multiprobe sensor plate contains a series of contact probes suitable for contact on most membrane surfaces including overburden.

    • Ergonomic, lightweight design with adjustable height facilitates single handed operation.

    • No grounding tether required.

    • High/Low gain selector.

    • DC transmitter is battery operated with digital display indicating voltage output. 

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