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Roof Leak Detection Scan

Digiscan 360 system

SMT's leak detection scanning services have been trusted by award-winning projects and clients globally. Our reports on roof membrane scans can identify breaches early on, allowing for timely repairs during construction.

Does not require any conductive primer or mesh to function

Check the quality of your roof during construction. Make proactive repairs before the application of overburden

Verify the quality of small spaces, rough terrain, and hard to reach places with Digiscan's lightweight and portable design

How it works

Everything you need to know about Digiscan 360 system

Our Digiscan 360° unit uses an LCD screen to guide you in locating breaches in your roof membrane. Simply install a guard cable, connect to a power source, and spray the test area with water. Then follow the arrows on the screen to identify the problem areas.


Scanning is valid only at the time of the Vector Mapping Test as conditions are subject to change on active construction projects. Digiscan can sense a leak from ~40ft away depending on conditions, making the testing of surface area exponentially faster with the same level of accuracy

Operators can sense and prioritize multiple events simultaneously while being informed about overall integrity concerns during testing. This results in a more efficient and comprehensive approach to integrity validation.

Failure Identification

When a failure is identified, the location is marked, and its presence is communicated to site authorities for immediate repair or further investigation.

Digital Indicators

Our system uses various analyses, including voltage, direction, and amplitude, to pinpoint areas of concern where membrane quality has changed over distance, by identifying "vectors" of electrical potentials across the surface.

See Digiscan in action

Type of Structure

Detecting Leaks and 
Defects in Various Structures

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