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1. Is DigiSCAN 360° a Quality Assurance Tool or a Monitoring System?

A Quality Assurance Tool. Read more

2. On what type of roofs does DigiSCAN 360° typically work?

Mostly Commercial Low-Slope Roofing. Read more


3. On what type of roof membranes does DigiSCAN 360° work?

Electrical non-conductive membranes: 2 ply SBS, hot mop, liquid applied, TPO, and PVC. Read more​


4. On what type of roof decks does DigiSCAN 360° work?

We work on Concrete, Metal or Wood Decks. Read more​


5. How long does a typical scan take to complete?

Scanning time is highly dependent on the size and details of the roof. Read more


6. When should we complete a DigiSCAN 360° to our membrane?

The DigiSCAN 360° is best performed with the membrane complete, prior to covering with overburden. Read more​  

7. Should we still flood test a roof?

In many jurisdictions, ASTM flood testing has been replaced by electronic leak detection systems such as DigiSCAN. Read more

8. Can I use DigiSCAN 360° to detect an active water leak on an existing roof?

Yes, DigiSCAN 360° can locate leaks in existing membranes. Read more


9. Does DigiSCAN 360° meet the ASTM D7877 Standard?  

Yes, the DigiSCAN 360° device can perform ASTM D7877 Low Voltage Membrane Electric Field Vector Mapping methods with ease. Read more​

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