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Let us scan your roof or waterproofing projects. Our DigiSCAN 360° Technicians will scan and report the status of your membrane. We will work to your schedule for 3rd party membrane verification.

Purchase the latest DigiSCAN 360° Kit or accessories. Perform your own quality assurance prior to overburden

Pay for your equipment costs in the first two projects. 

Certified Training

Let us teach your team everything we know!
We can provide on-site training or you can join us 
at our quarterly or event-based  education sessions. 

Building Intelli 

BuildingIntelli Membrane Monitoring brings information and live monitoring to the next level. We can provide real-time monitoring for conventional and inverted roofing systems.



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Founded in 2006, SMT Research continues to be utilized on construction projects around the globe. DigiSCAN 360° is one part of our complete suite of solutions. 

SMT Research specializes in investigating the performance of building wall and roof structures, by designing software and electronics to monitor and evaluate the performance of commercial and residential buildings. Real-time sensor analysis and remote data collection have allowed engineers and researchers to validate designs, materials, and methods to produce more efficient and durable buildings, thus reducing their environmental impact while improving quality assurance throughout the construction and/or restoration process.

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